Employing a Bricklaying Apprentice

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“Makes Good Business Sense”

Employing a keen, ‘work ready’ bricklaying apprentice, who’s right for your team is one step towards business success.  The ABBTF can help make this possible.  Its primary purpose is to facilitate the placement of suitable bricklaying apprentices with bricklayers and builders and to help see them through their apprenticeship qualification.  In this way it contributes to building a skilled workforce for the brickmaking and building industry.

An apprentice is a surprisingly low cost addition to your team

At this website you’ll learn that the cost of employing an apprentice is less than it would take to put on a labourer or unqualified bricklayer.  You can access up to, a generous $7,000 assistance package  which includes $3,000 from ABBTF and a Federal Government subsidy of $4,000, plus in some States additional funding is available through Industry Training Funds, Contact Us for further information.

However, taking on an apprentice also comes with responsibilities for onsite training and maintaining your employer or host commitments to the apprentice regarding employment entitlements, off-site training and mentoring supportContact Us in all States to learn about the many ways to bring on an Apprentice Bricklayer.  ABBTF assists in helping find the right person for your team and throughout the apprenticeship it encourages and incentivises apprentices to provide a smooth transition through to qualification.

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