Onsite Training

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The following checklist sets out the training role expected of employers taking on an apprentice bricklayer.

If an employer fails to commit to a high standard of onsite training there’s a real risk that the time and effort spent becomes a wasted investment all round.

You lose and the industry loses if your apprentice becomes disillusioned and fails to complete the course. It makes good business sense for you to invest in training!

Checklist of Employers Training Responsibility:

  • Maintain a strong focus on OH&S standards
  • Give clear instructions
  • Understand and carry out the requirements as set out in the training plan of the Apprenticeship Agreement
  • Know when the apprentice is due for TAFE/RTO training
  • Develop a relationship with the TAFE/RTO
  • Comply with the award and conditions including pay slip and proof of superannuation
  • Be a role model and a leader
  • Provide feedback to the RTO regarding progress
  • Encourage apprenticeship completion
  • Provide adequate onsite training, including time on the trowel
  • Make contact with the appropriate authorities and ABBTF if the apprenticeship becomes in any way ‘at risk’