Sign up a TAS Apprentice

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Bricklaying Apprentice Tasmania

To sign up a bricklaying apprentice in Tasmania, contact an Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) or phone them on 13 38 73 for referral advice.

An AAC assists employers with the processes involved in registering a new TAS apprentice, engaging an appropriate training organisation and managing the payment of Australian Apprenticeship Program incentives (where applicable).

A staff member will come to you, on the job, and organise your papers as well as arrange any applicable government incentives. Generally, this service to the employer and the apprentice is “Free of Charge”.

Bricklayers and Apprentices … Wage Info

Requirements on apprentice pay and conditions is covered by the Building and Construction General on-site Award 2010.  Modern Award Code MA000020 can be viewed at Fair Work Ombudsman.

For more info about signing up an apprentice bricklayer in Tasmania contact ABBTF.