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New additional $4000 incentive to put on an apprentice


To All Victorian Bricklaying Sub-Contractors

There are some very powerful reasons why now is a great time to put on that Bricklaying Apprentice you’ve been thinking about to grow your business.

  • New $4,000 grant from Victorian Government’s State Development, Business and Innovation
  • Existing subsidies from ABBTF Brickstart $3,000 and Federal Government $4,000 still apply
  • Apprentice Wages are due to rise from January 1, 2014, so get in now
  • More trade-focused, work ready students are in pre-apprenticeship courses than ever before
  • ABBTF can help select a student right for your team – screened to last the distance and be productive from day one.
  • The school year ends soon and Year’s 10, 11 & 12 are looking for work.

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Stars in the Making


“Many young people throughout the state are currently participating in a bricklaying pre-apprenticeship course, pre-vocational or school based programs with a view to gaining a bricklaying apprenticeship and a career in the construction industry.”

It is great to see so many opportunities now exist for students to trial bricklaying. The outcome is going to be better prepared students and therefore, a higher retention rate through the first crucial year of the apprenticeship.

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Time is Money: 12 Top Tips for a More Profitable Job

Brickies-0510_S01-14-1SMALLERThe difference between bricklayers who run successful businesses and those who can struggle at times can be in the detail of managing jobs.

It’s all about productive utilisation of labour, because as we all know, Time is Money.

Some of the more successful bricklayers have said that time is the most costly aspect of bricklaying.

They have offered these tips which may seem simple and common sense but are a great reminder on how to save time and therefore money.

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Apprentice Mature Age Support


ABBTF is again making their mature age support of $1,000 payable to apprentices who are 23 years and over at the time of starting their apprenticeship.

Mature age support is limited and reserved for apprentices with an original commencement date from 1st July 2012 and 23 or older at start date.

Conditions apply and you must contact ABBTF in your first apprenticeship year to enquire.

This benefit is payable to the apprentice, not the employer and recognises the difficulty older apprentices have on apprenticeship pay rates, particularly in the first year.