Group Training Organisations (NSW)

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New South Wales

Group Training in New South Wales is a training and employment arrangement where organisations, known as a Group Training Organisations (GTO), employ apprentices under an Apprenticeship Training Contract and places them with suitable host employers – enabling them to build their skills and industry knowledge.

Under this arrangement, the GTO is the legal employer and thus assumes the responsibility for the legal aspects of the employment contract as well as the training needs.

Some of the benefits of employing an apprentice through Group Training Organisations are:

  • You are not tied to any contract with the apprentice
  • You have the flexibility to employ an apprentice for the duration you need one
  • All the government paperwork for the apprenticeship is completed and submitted by the GTO
  • The GTO will organise and monitor the training for the apprentice
  • All insurances and workers compensation responsibilities are assumed by the GTO
  • The required safety equipment is provided to the apprentice by the GTO

ABBTF have agreements with the GTO’s to fully pass subsidies on to host employers of bricklaying apprentices through a reduced charge-out rate.

For a list of of GTO’s click Group Training Organisations New South Wales.