NEWS: WA – July 2014

Group Training Brings Unique Value to Bricklayers

New look team for SkillHire in Kewdale (Perth).L to R:  Front Row:  Wayne Sutherland, Wayne Hancock; Middle Row: Tia Webb, Gina Maynard, Belinda Smith, Carly Bradley, Charlotte Harris;Back Row: Tony Harvey, Steve Shortall, Tim Webb, Dave Kukutai, Sue Bailey

A Group Training Company is an organisation that recruits, hires, mentors and sometimes trains apprentices in partnership with host employers (bricklayers).

And a host employer is a tradesman who provides actual on site training and as such pays the Group Training Company a fee for the time that the apprentice spends on site. There are many advantages to this arrangement.

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New Pre Entry Initiative Helps Find More Apprentices

Bricklaying Taster Program held at Mazenod College, Trainer Stan Bowie Polytechnic West

ABBTF has always been and will continue to be a supporter of Pre-Apprenticeship and Pre-Vocational programs as a means of inducting new Bricklaying Apprentices into the trade.

However, with higher than anticipated demand for bricklaying apprentices, a need has developed to help find more new starters, through additional avenues.

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Updates on Incentives for WA Bricklaying Employers and Apprentices

Bricklaying Incentives

Employers of bricklaying apprentices in WA will be happy to know that there have been no cutbacks to employer incentives. In fact they have actually grown of recent, particularly if you are employing someone between the age of 21 and 24.

The combined incentive amount of $21,000 over the term of the bricklaying apprenticeship is still the highest in any trade in any state.

In addition the ABBTF is paying $2,000 to employers of adult apprentices between 21 and 24 to minimise the impact of the higher adult apprentice rate in line with the Modern Award.

“We are not expecting any changes to these incentives in the foreseeable future, particularly given that bricklaying is again on the Skills Occupation List (trade at risk)” said Geoff Noble, CEO at ABBTF.

As always if you are hosting apprentices through a reputable group training company, many of these incentives will be utilised to reduce the overall charge out rate (so you are not missing out!).

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RIP Dexter

rip-dexterABBTF wishes to extend our heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Dexter Taylor, bricklaying lecturer, formerly of Polytechnic West who passed away earlier this year.

He was respected by his peers, apprentices both past and present, the training industry and by his colleagues.

The bricklaying training industry will be poorer with the passing of Dexter, as he was a true pioneer of bricklaying training in WA” said Dean Pearson, ABBTF WA Manager.


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