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Linbo has the Drive and the Smarts to be a Success

splash2Meet Linbo Ren born in China, who is a gun bricklaying apprentice at Polytechnic West Thornlie.

Since Linbo and his family migrated to Australia in 2006, he had set his sights on becoming a builder. To do that Linbo says that there is no better pathway to becoming a builder than through a bricklaying apprenticeship.  Whilst English is his second language, it was no barrier for him when he first engaged in a bricklaying pre-apprenticeship semester 1, 2013 at Thornlie. Continue reading

Skill Hire Indigenous Employment Programs Generate Opportunity

The State Government of Western Australia and industry have been working in collaboration over a number of years to promote sustainable employment outcomes for indigenous people through training and mentoring.

Since 1998 Skill Hire has employed more than 500 indigenous trainees and apprentices through its business.  Skill Hire is also a supporter of the Australian Employment Covenant which represents a major commitment to the future of Indigenous Australians by providing people with a clear pathway to training and apprenticeship employment.

One recent success story from Skill Hire is Clinton Prosser, former bricklaying apprentice.  Clinton not only won the Most Outstanding First Year Apprentice Award in 2010 (Department of Treasury and Finance), but he also won the highly regarded Ric New Rising Star Award in 2012.  Clinton was also a previous “Live Works” program participant (an Outcare initiative, sponsored by ABBTF).  According to Tony Harvey, Senior Apprentice Coordinator at Skill Hire, Clinton is still in the industry and going well.  He is also supporting the development of new bricklaying apprentices in the form of hosting and training new generations of bricklaying apprentices.  Clinton is a credit to the trade, his people and himself.

Employers and hosts that support the employment of aboriginal bricklaying apprentices may be entitled to additional financial support.  For further information please contact Skill Hire or ABBTF.

Dble Image Clinton Receiving Awards

2014 WA Pre-App BoysAside from Indigenous training, Carly Bradley (Training Contracts Manager) for Skill Hire reported that she had been buoyed by strong bricklaying pre-apprenticeship participation in 2014.

This year there has been an increase in the range of non-Australian born participants with many coming from Asia, Africa and New Zealand. Ms Bradley said, “The commitment and enthusiasm displayed by the students throughout the course will help to ensure that a new wave of bricklaying apprentices are heading the right way into industry”.




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Lynwood Senior High School Success

Lynwood Senior High School is one of many secondary schools in Western Australia that encompasses an Intensive English Centre for non-Australian born secondary school students.  These centres assist students who have recently migrated to Australia to engage in a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

In recent times ABBTF has been working with Lynwood Senior High School to provide ‘taster’ based bricklaying training to a wide group of students at this school.  As a result, students from a variety of multicultural backgrounds have been placed into bricklaying apprenticeships through the placement program during this period of high demand.  Still more apprentices are needed and there are still opportunities to lock away a job for next year.

One recent Taster program at Lynwood was held in October when students built a garden wall adjacent to the Learning Centre.  Alison Lethlean, Lynwood SHS Environmental Academic Flexible Program Co-ordinator, complimented the ABBTF on its efforts saying that “The garden bed looks great, thank you so much for working with the kids, they really appreciated it”.  “Our students get so much more out of this than only valuable bricklaying skills”.

Ian Fitzgerald and Kristine North from ABBTF in WA have actively interviewed many young men and women from Lynwood SHS, more often than not resulting in further training and/or a bricklaying apprenticeship placement. Kristine said, “In recent years we have placed as many as 12 students into industry as bricklaying apprenticeships and many of those are still indentured today”. “We have had tremendous success with this school as its staff are very proactive and encourage building trade studies”.

Lynwood SHS ' LEAF' Grp SOP

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Group Training Brings Unique Value to Bricklayers

New look team for SkillHire in Kewdale (Perth).L to R:  Front Row:  Wayne Sutherland, Wayne Hancock; Middle Row: Tia Webb, Gina Maynard, Belinda Smith, Carly Bradley, Charlotte Harris;Back Row: Tony Harvey, Steve Shortall, Tim Webb, Dave Kukutai, Sue Bailey

A Group Training Company is an organisation that recruits, hires, mentors and sometimes trains apprentices in partnership with host employers (bricklayers).

And a host employer is a tradesman who provides actual on site training and as such pays the Group Training Company a fee for the time that the apprentice spends on site. There are many advantages to this arrangement.

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