NEWS: WA – July 2013

“The Right Way” to Engage a Bricklayer Apprentice

Kieron_600Kieron Swepstone, a recently qualified apprentice at Skill Hire, proudly revisits his steps and stairs project.

Engaging a bricklaying apprentice the right way can be the difference between an unfinished and a highly successful apprenticeship, adding a valuable qualified employee to the team. Many bricklayers are good at their trade, but can struggle with the complexities of engaging, employing and retaining apprentices under the State or Federal awards.

To assist bricklayers to overcome these issues, the WA ABBTF office has recently produced an easy-to-read summary that covers employer’s responsibilities in relation to apprentice entitlements including awards and conditions in Australia.

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Mentoring, not just for apprentices!

MBA_NathanMBA’s Nathan Szkorunda, promoting Construction Apprenticeship Mentoring Scheme (CAMS)

In life and in business we can all benefit from a helping hand from time to time. The Federal government is currently funding a mentoring program aimed at reducing the unacceptably high failure rate of apprenticeships in several trades, around Australia.

Locally, bricklaying apprenticeship retention is a hot issue given that we desperately need good quality tradesman for the future. Our population and demand for housing is increasing and our bricklayer workforce is ageing.

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Now that CTF boosts funding it’s $21,000 total support!

CTF_600Recently qualified ABN bricklayer Daniel Niendieker flanked by his host trainers Ray Hommand (left) and Martin Foskett (Right), all benefit from the wages support package.

The Construction Training Fund (CTF) has recently announced a new plan providing a much needed boost to wages support for employers of bricklaying apprentices.  The overall support from all sources is now $21,000!

The approval was recently signed off by the responsible Minister and endorsed and supported by local industry stakeholders such as ABBTF, where the focus is squarely on reducing the skills shortage in bricklaying.

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