NEWS: WA – April 2012

ABBTF Focus on Apprenticeship Retention


ABBTF in WA is working hard with industry to replace apprentices where either their apprenticeship is at risk or they have been disengaged for whatever reason.

The building industry has many opportunities for motivated young men and women wanting to progress their careers through trade training.

However an unfortunate fact of life is that our industry is also very reactive to our two speed economy.

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ABBTF Supports the Youth Focus “Building Strong Foundations Program”


The Building Strong Foundations Program (BSFP) is a proactive approach to mental wellbeing management for young apprentices employed in the construction industry.

With support from ABBTF, Youth Focus is now delivering a 1.5 hour training program to all first and second year bricklaying apprentices that takes a holistic approach to supporting each individual’s mental health as they make their way through the apprentice program.

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