NEWS: WA – 2012

New Incentive to Employ an Out-of-Trade Apprentice


ABBTF has announced a $2,000 Recommencement Bonus to employers signing on an Out-of-trade bricklaying apprentice in their first or second year.

This applies from 1 December 2012 to 28 February 2013, over the same period that the Kickstart Initiative applies to taking on a new apprentice.

An existing apprentice who is Out-of-trade represents an excellent opportunity for bricklayers to add some skills and enthusiasm to the team.

Apprentices with a second chance are keen to work hard and continue to learn to complete their apprenticeship training to gain the all important qualification.

Employers can qualify for $2,000 from ABBTF payable 12 months after the recommencement date.  A Federal Government benefit of $750 is also available as well as all other entitlements after the new start date.

Contact your local training provider or the ABBTF to access Out of Trade bricklaying apprentices


Bucket Batching for Best Results

batch-bucket1The standard mortar mix (M3) is six parts sand, one lime and one part cement.  Using a shovel can cause problems with quantities being inconsistent leading to issues with strength, cleaning and colour variation.  Filling the mixer by shovel can cause a mortar mix to be too strong or too weak.

Bricklayers should use buckets to feed their mixers and also be certain that the mixer has the capacity to take the 6:1:1 mix.  Undersized mixers mean the mix will need to be scaled back to keep the same ratio.  Where bricks are being laid close to the coast the stronger M4 mix should be used i.e. 5 sand, 1 lime and 1 cement.

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Apprentice Award Winners Announced

Rhyse_MoroneyCongratulations to Rhyse Moroney and Gareth Boulton, Midwest Bricklaying Apprentice Award Winners for 2012

As recently announced by two organisations, the MBA Geraldton and Apprenticeship & Traineeship Company, respectively.

The MBA Best ABBTF Bricklaying Apprentice Award (Midwest), announced October 20, went to Rhyse Moroney who trained at Durack and lives in Shark Bay.

Bricklaying Lecturer, Peter Watters of Durack Institute of Technology said of Rhyse, “His skills are at the highest of levels that I have seen come through Durack in the past three years.  Rhyse was producing tradesman-like work within his first year of training at Durack and his skills just kept on improving.”

Both Peter and his employer made mention of Rhyse’s great work ethic.  His attendance is good.  He is productive and gives input by good plan reading skills and innovation, says his employer Chris Tuddenham of Geraldton.


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