Group Training Brings Unique Value to Bricklayers

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New look team for SkillHire in Kewdale (Perth).L to R:  Front Row:  Wayne Sutherland, Wayne Hancock; Middle Row: Tia Webb, Gina Maynard, Belinda Smith, Carly Bradley, Charlotte Harris;Back Row: Tony Harvey, Steve Shortall, Tim Webb, Dave Kukutai, Sue Bailey

A Group Training Company is an organisation that recruits, hires, mentors and sometimes trains apprentices in partnership with host employers (bricklayers).

And a host employer is a tradesman who provides actual on site training and as such pays the Group Training Company a fee for the time that the apprentice spends on site. There are many advantages to this arrangement.

For example some tradesmen want apprentices but do not want the responsibility of accruing or paying holiday pay, sick leave and superannuation or training costs as such.

Some tradesmen do not want the direct responsibility of overseeing the off site training component and coordination of their apprentices to attend a local Training Provider.

And some tradesmen feel that they may not have long term work and cannot sustain an apprentice for three to four years.

If this is you but you like the idea of having an apprentice on site then perhaps you need to approach one of Western Australia’s leading Group Training Companies for support? In most cases they will even help you find an apprentice if you do not already have one.

In recent times the number of Group Training Companies has grown considerably. They also have a presence in regional areas such as Geraldton, The Goldfields, The South West, Northwest and Albany.

Group Scheme bricklaying apprenticeship employment in WA, accounts for more than half of the total amount of the bricklaying apprentices currently engaged by industry.

In addition if you are contemplating a Bricklaying Apprenticeship, they are also an excellent contact point as to embark on a great career in the construction industry. > Learn More Here

Remember if you do intend to make contact with a Group Training Company and enquire on the availability of a bricklaying apprenticeship make sure you provide a resume that demonstrates a genuine reason for wanting to undertake the trade.

Successful entrants are often asked to attend an interview at the Group Training Companies office that may lead to pre entry training or a Bricklaying Apprenticeship straight away (depending on your knowledge and experience).

Attached are the Contact Details, by location for Group Training Companies in your area.


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