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There’s plenty of help if you hit a rough spot

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It’s not new news that the Building and Construction Industry in WA is experiencing a slowdown.

For some Bricklayers the slowdown has presented some challenges in terms of work continuity, retaining income flow and increased costs, which has in turn put pressure on apprenticeship arrangements.

However, employers still have obligations in accordance with the training contract with an apprentice and despite the challenges faced, termination of an apprentice’s employment is not an option nor desirable in the longer term.  There are steps you can take and valuable contacts in the industry available to you.
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WorldSkills Australia Pre-Competition Sundowner

Dble Image WorldSkill Competitors & Eddie Campbell 2016 wth CaptionThe National WorldSkills Australia 2016 competition to be held in Melbourne, is just around the corner. So ABBTF recently hosted a Pre-Competition Sundowner with WA competitors and industry in preparation for this special event.

WA Gold Medallists Ali Asghar (Perth South), Conrad Yeeles (Perth North) and Nikolas Foster (South West) were in attendance for the briefing in which WA expert Eddie Campbell gave an overview of the competition, expectations and delivery of a training plan leading up to the event. Last Regional Results
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ABBTF WA Facebook

WA World Skills competitors and support staff BannerFacebook Like Image Special SizeWith the rapid progression of communications in the technological era, and mobiles becoming the everyday method of staying in touch with news on the industry, ABBTF WA is turning more and more to online channels to share good news stories and need-to-know information on a daily basis through Facebook and the websites.

The great thing about Facebook is that we are able to post images and videos at an instant whether they be from a Try a Trade or Step Out Program, a Career Expo, Field or RTO visit, WorldSkills Australia or other special event, and much of our audience picks it up just as quickly, on mobile, no matter where they are.
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