NEWS: VIC – 2015

Brick and Blocklaying Skills on Show

splash1The recent Horbury Hunt Awards provided many excellent examples of the skills and quality of our tradespeople in the construction of outstanding masonry buildings.

The 2015 Horbury Hunt Awards were held by Think Brick to recognise and celebrate the very best use of clay brick and concrete masonry by Australian architects and designers, across three categories: Commercial, Residential and the Kevin Borland Masonry Award for commercial and residential.  Listed below are the Victorian finalists by category. To view all nominations and results visit

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Free Industry Funded Work Ready Program ABBTF Want Quality over Quantity

Story 2 Work Ready Program Melb Poly. wth notice & captionThe five day program is a hands-on introduction only and not an accredited course.

Candidates are taught employability skills to make them work ready for an employer and basic labouring skills needed at the beginning of a bricklaying apprenticeship.  Successful candidates are job matched with an employer during the program.

If for any reason an employer is not available in their area ABBTF will work closely with them to secure an apprenticeship.  Day one on site successful candidates are useful, Bricklayers won’t have to stop laying bricks to show them the ropes.

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TAFE’s Provide On-Site Training and Assessment

Story 3 Images 1 & 2 wth CaptionWe have seen a more flexible approach to training in recent years with a better blend of on-site and off-site training and assessment done by TAFE’s.  Its all about communication says the TAFE teachers, “the employers are the primary trainer however, if the employer has the apprentice working on brickwork that can easily be assessed we will come out on site where possible”.

This change has been welcomed by employers and as many haven’t been back to TAFE since they did their apprenticeship we see more of them returning the visit by coming in to see our setup and gain a better understanding of what the apprentice does at TAFE.

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