NEWS: VIC – June – 2014

Is Your Business Visible… or Invisible?


The topic of bricklayers advertising their business was a very well-received and lively discussion at a recent Bricklayer Professional Development Network.  It was interesting to see how many bricklayers who are great at their trade don’t think about the potential impact of simple but effective advertising strategies on the business. It can make a big difference to the number of job’s you’re asked to quote on. Continue reading

Do You Need a Licence to Work as a Bricklayer in Victoria?

vic-licence-brickFollowing a decision in December 2013 from the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) the answer is NO.  COAG noted that, following the outcome of extensive State-based consultation, the majority of States decided not to pursue the proposed National Occupational Licensing Scheme reform.  States instead decided to investigate approaches that would increase labour mobility and deliver net benefits for businesses and governments.

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Sub-Contractor Bricklayers: $4,000 Apprentice Employment ‘Start-up Grant’ Now Available

joshua-davidIf you’re considering putting on an Apprentice Bricklayer, now is a great time.  The Victorian Government has a Start-up Grant to encourage employers to take on a Bricklaying Apprentice and other trades apprentices.  The additional $4,000 compliments the $3,000 ABBTF Brickstart Subsidy and the Federal Government’s Commencement and Completion Support payment of $4,000.  The total wage and allowances support over the life of the Apprenticeship is now therefore $11,000, making it good business sense to put on an Apprentice right now.

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