NEWS: VIC – September – 2012

Bricklaying Opens Doors for Mature Age Apprentice Damian Lyons

Damian LyonsAt mid-life when the opportunity to take a retrenchment package from a management role in IT and start a new career after 19 years in the industry, Damian Lyons proved that it’s not only possible, but that it also opens doors to other choices.

His mature aged apprenticeship is another example where ABBTF subsidised training has been instrumental in bringing mature aged talent and skills into building and construction.

Damian completed the bricklaying apprenticeship course in just 19 months by undertaking a number of the training blocks in succession, at North Melbourne Institute of TAFE when on the job work wasn’t available.

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Victorian Apprentices in National WorldSkills Competition

Darren Connor and Chris Terrill competed in the recent WorldSkills national bricklaying competition in Sydney following their win in the regional WorldSkills competition.

13 young bricklayers representing all states across the country build two complex brick projects over three days.  Good crowds were there to see the boys in action showing their skills and performing at the highest level.

ABBTF and the industry were proud of the way the apprentices produced their best with the trowel and the way they conducted themselves throughout the competition.

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