NEWS: VIC – April – 2012

Josh’s Great Success Story


There are a number of outstanding young bricklayers making their way in the industry and in life.  Josh Steevens from Traralgon tells his own success story so far.

I started my apprenticeship when I was eighteen. In hindsight a little later than I would’ve liked, but it probably worked out well, reinforcing that bricklaying was something I really wanted to do…and not just a cop out of school.

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Special $1,000 “Brickstart” Bonus 2012


To encourage bricklaying apprentice sign ups in 2012, ABBTF is offering a special one off incentive to employers of new bricklaying apprentices in Victoria.

This $1,000 bonus will apply to bricklaying apprentices who have been officially signed on (by an Australian Apprenticeship Centre) between the 1st of January to the 30th of June 2012.

The cut-off date has been extended from April to June to enable more employers to benefit from the current bonus.

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Apprentice Training Improves Your Productivity

Teaching an apprentice can slow down productivity initially.

This is the same in any business – it’s not just bricklaying. 

All employers face this challenge and it can be time-consuming and difficult but if you approach it with the right attitude and plan to invest a portion of each day to pass on your knowledge and skill, it does pay off over time.

Never forget that you were once in that young person’s boots and knew nothing about bricklaying.  Ask yourself did your boss treat you right and pass on his skills to you?  Well it’s no different for this generation, so here are a few tips designed to convince you that a commitment to patience and continuous training is in everyone’s best interest.

This is his first job experience in construction and he needs your guidance.  He hasn’t developed the muscle strength yet, but will in time.

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