NEWS: TAS – September – 2015

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Tasmanian Master Bricklayers Endorse ABBTF Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship Programs

ABBTF Apprenticeship Programs get Tasmanian Master Bricklayer’s Seal of Approval

The Tasmanian Master Bricklayers Association (TMBA) has endorsed ABBTF’s ongoing strategies to increase apprentice numbers and address the future skill shortage in the trade.

“If the scheme had not been implemented in Tasmania there would be far fewer apprentices and the industry would be experiencing an acute shortage of bricklayers, increasing the cost of construction in the State” said Paul McKay TMBA Vice President and bricklaying teacher at TasTAFE.

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A fortunate Bricklaying team, led by the astute Terry Lamprey

Terry LampreyTerry Laprey’s Techniques for Training Bricklaying Apprentices

Terry Lamprey from EasyWay Constructions knows how to teach young apprentices the skills of bricklaying and more.  He also has what he calls an “old fashioned” approach to learning the trade and teaches work ethic and personal values.  Terry admits his gang is “a bit different” but they get the job done.

Terry is a builder, with his training in carpentry, but he also knows how to lay a brick along with all the other aspects of building.  His gang is getting on a bit: Kerry Hodgets, Dale Press and Kerry Bloomfield, are all aged between the late fifties and early seventies.

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Step-Out Programs – A Winner for Secondary School Students in Launceston and Hobart

Bricklaying program

Students Get a Hands-On ‘Taster’ Experience in Bricklaying

TasTAFE has delivered two ABBTF Step-Out Programs for secondary school students in recent months.  The first five day course was run at TasTAFE in Alanvale, Launceston and gave 11 students a hands-on experience in bricklaying.  The second, just recently completed, was run at TasTAFE in Clarence, Hobart giving a further 10 students the opportunity to try the trade.

Students came from local schools in the area including Riverside High, Kings Meadows High, Brooks High, Queechy High, La Trobe High and Rose Bay High.

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TAS Bricklayers Benefit From ABBTF Social Media

Facebook & Twitter Image V2ABBTF has been able to find good young people who are keen to get a start as a bricklaying apprentice through the use of online media.  There has been a steady flow of Tasmanian students and out of work applicant resumes originating from the paid advertising support given to ABBTF’s Become-a-Bricklayer website and Facebook page.  These have been reviewed by Paul McKay, Bricklaying teacher at TasTAFE and sent on to bricklayers looking to add an apprentice to their gang. Continue reading