NEWS: TAS – February – 2014

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The Lillico Formula for Success on the North Coast

ethan_williams_chris_lillico_270Chris Lillico of Lillico Bricklaying, Ulverstone has the qualities for business success, as well as being an excellent employer for apprentices learning the trade.

Chris has an innovative approach to winning work.  He recently converted two tilt-up jobs to concrete masonry blocks – Burnie hospital and the new Sorrell supermarket.  This is a great example for the industry showing that it is possible to influence the usage of walling products for the benefit of brick manufacturers and bricklayers in Tasmania. We reported a similar story in Victoria last year in our blog column, where a successful quote against other walling materials led to a switch to bricks on a major job.

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Best Time to Select an Apprentice in Tasmania


With a fresh start to the New Year it’s now an ideal time to start a new apprentice.  Good quality young people have completed Year 12 at school or chosen to leave after Year 10 or 11 to learn a trade.

Many young people are attracted to careers in construction and there is no better way to start than gaining experience and a qualification in bricklaying.  The quality of potential apprentices at this time of the year is often better than later in the year.  They are keen to start a career and the weather is great for working outdoors.

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Brick & Block Manufacturers Support TAS Bricklaying Workforce

trowelBrick and block manufacturers in Tasmania are committed to investing in building a skilled bricklaying workforce for the future of the State.

ABBTF members in Tasmania are Austral Bricks, Adbri Masonry, Island Block & Paving and Tasco Blocks & Pavers.  To help fund the promotion of bricklaying apprenticeships, the purchase of walling products from these Companies includes a small levy of $1.50 per thousand clay bricks and 7.5 cents per square metre for concrete masonry.  This is matched by brick Manufacturers and the combined total funding is employed by ABBTF in Tasmania to address the skills shortage, promote the trade, run Step Out in Bricks Programs in schools and subsidise employers who sign up an apprentice bricklayer.

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