NEWS: TAS – 2014

The Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation’s archive for all newsletters posted in regard to Tasmania (TAS) in 2014.

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Guaranteeing Futures delivered Excellent Service to Students and Industry

splash2aDue to Government budgetary constraints, the Guaranteeing Futures project group will close and the Step Out in Bricks program will be delivered by TasTAFE from 2015.

The program will bring students from a number of schools into the TAFE at Warrane in Hobart. TAFE will also deliver the program at locations in Launceston and the North West Coast.

ABBTF sincerely thank the Guaranteeing Futures staff Lynne Hanlon, Blair Brownless (South), Linda Goss (Central) and Shaun Conkie (North West) for their efforts in making the program possible and providing a valuable experience to school students. Continue reading

7 New Apprentice Starts Signal Improving Building Activity

There are good signs of a turnaround in building activity in Tasmania which is in turn creating demand for new bricklaying apprentices.

Following the lower building activity from 2011 to 2013 there is now optimism in the industry with housing starts lifting in 2014 and forecast to continue to grow in 2015.

Seven new apprentices have been signed up in the past six months and there are more to come. Continue reading

Trust and respect forge strong bricklaying partnership

David Bindley & Sean PateBricklayer David Bindley and his mature age apprentice Sean Pate have formed a great partnership which is adding financial value to the business. Sean is about to be signed off and gain a full qualification in bricklaying after only two years as an apprentice with David. Aged 32, he was initially employed by David as a labourer and on occasions was on the trowel to help get the job done.

Sean got to the stage where he needed to secure his future with a bricklaying qualification to support the future of his long-time partner and three children. Continue reading

The Lillico Formula for Success on the North Coast

ethan_williams_chris_lillico_270Chris Lillico of Lillico Bricklaying, Ulverstone has the qualities for business success, as well as being an excellent employer for apprentices learning the trade.

Chris has an innovative approach to winning work.  He recently converted two tilt-up jobs to concrete masonry blocks – Burnie hospital and the new Sorrell supermarket.  This is a great example for the industry showing that it is possible to influence the usage of walling products for the benefit of brick manufacturers and bricklayers in Tasmania. We reported a similar story in Victoria last year in our blog column, where a successful quote against other walling materials led to a switch to bricks on a major job.

Continue reading