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A fortunate Bricklaying team, led by the astute Terry Lamprey

Terry LampreyTerry Laprey’s Techniques for Training Bricklaying Apprentices

Terry Lamprey from EasyWay Constructions knows how to teach young apprentices the skills of bricklaying and more.  He also has what he calls an “old fashioned” approach to learning the trade and teaches work ethic and personal values.  Terry admits his gang is “a bit different” but they get the job done.

Terry is a builder, with his training in carpentry, but he also knows how to lay a brick along with all the other aspects of building.  His gang is getting on a bit: Kerry Hodgets, Dale Press and Kerry Bloomfield, are all aged between the late fifties and early seventies.

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Matthew Barratt Wins Bronze at WorldSkills

matt-barratt-landing-tas-sepMatthew Barratt has won a Bronze Medal at the National WorldSkills Bricklaying Competition in Sydney.  This is a major event held every two years for apprentices from all States representing 50 apprenticeship categories.

In bricklaying, 13 apprentices fought it out in a very competitive event over three days at the Homebush Olympic site.

The apprentices were required to build two detailed and complex brick projects against the clock.  Matthew came third in a very close result from a high quality field.  The winner was Todd Richards representing Central Queensland with Alan Ramsden representing Perth North coming in second.

Matthew also came a close second in the ABBTF “Gun Trowel” speed test where all competitors were required to build a four brick pier in 20 minutes.

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$6,000 Incentive to Up-Skill Your Employee

The Tasmanian Building & Construction Industry Training Board (TBCITB) is offering a $6,000 incentive to bricklayers assisting their employees to gain a Certificate III qualification in bricklaying.

The Training Incentive and How It Works

  • emailimage-tas-sep2If you sign up a mature age or experienced existing employee who has worked in the building and construction industry for at least six years and he or she starts training between 1 September 2012 and 30 September 2013, the TBCITB will pay you $6,000.
  • The $6,000 payable by the TBCITB is in addition of all other Federal Government incentives available for employing existing staff as new apprentices.
  • The TBCITB will pay $6,000 per eligible participant under its Training Policy and Funding Procedures.
  • The $6,000 payment will be made when your employee successfully completes his/her contract of training within a maximum period of 24 months from the commencement of the training agreement.
  • The TBCITB incentive is only applicable to Certificate III qualifications.

Apply Now – Places are limited

Telephone 6223 7804, or call ABBTF on 1300 66 44 96.