NEWS: SA – May – 2015

Improved SA Housing Starts Drives up Apprentice Numbers

splash1Construction activity in South Australia has improved over the past year and bricklayer shortages are emerging in the industry.  From 2012 to 2014 an additional 1,600 residential dwellings were commenced, an increase of almost 18% over two years.  This change has led to a demand for new apprentices.  In 2014, 65 new apprentices were signed on which is 44% ahead of 2013 and more than double the 2012 starts.  A further 23 apprentices have started in the March 2015 quarter.  Apprentices in training are the highest in two years.

Pre-entry courses delivered at TAFE SA and FCTA during 2014 have prepared young people to make them job-ready for an apprenticeship in bricklaying.  The course also provides credit against the full Certificate III apprenticeship qualification.  More courses are underway this year and prospective employers are closely watching the new candidates to recruit for their teams.  TAFE SA has commenced a second 10 week course which runs from April to June.

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CITB Electronic Log Book is a Winner

CITB My Profiling LogoSml BannerThe Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has introduced an electronic log book to record apprentice training progress for monitoring and assessment.

The monitoring system is proving to be more efficient, detailed and reliable to enable employers and RTO’s to sign off on course competencies.  This is excellent evidence for employers to satisfy the CITB apprentice subsidy requirements.

Bricklayer David Pitt from Blue Moon Building said that the system is not hard to learn and is an improvement on the previous log book.  David’s apprentice Shannon Ralph started in November last year and regularly uses the online profiling system to enter his training progress.  This is monitored by David to confirm where he is up to and what further training is needed as they progress through the apprenticeship training course.

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Adult Apprentices Make Good Business Sense

Adult Apprentice Photo Story 3In recruiting young people to fill the many vacancies for apprenticeships in bricklaying in South Australia, ABBTF finds some excellent candidates over the age of 21 years.

Many bricklayers look for younger apprentices as the adult pay rates appear to make an older person too costly.  In reality this is not the case.  ABBTF and the Federal Government provide support to employers of adult apprentices.

The cost of an adult apprentice can be covered more easily than you think due to the many benefits to an employer.  We’ve tallied up 16 good reasons it makes good business sense to consider over 21’s for a bricklaying apprenticeship:

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Bricklaying Talent Spotters

bricklaying, cash reward


If you qualified for bricklaying after January 2013 or you are currently an apprentice in training, ABBTF will reward you (conditions apply) for finding new bricklaying apprentices.  You probably know there’s a serious shortage of bricklayers due to the increase in building activity lately, so your help in identifying good bricklaying apprentice candidates is important.

Why you?  You have the benefit of your own first-hand experience of the trade and the training involved.  You are the best person to recognise the potential and qualities that a person has to be a successful bricklayer and to make a rewarding career in the construction industry.

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