NEWS: SA – 2014

The Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation’s archive for all newsletters posted in regard to South Australia (SA) in 2014.

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Two Apprentices Together – More Than Twice as Good




Bricklayer Phil Powell, has a great approach to achieving high standards in the training of his two apprentices who started together in February 2013.

Apprentices James Eyre and Owen Stewart started work within a week of each other and have quickly become skilled and productive under Phil’s direction. Phil and his son Tom decided to take on two apprentices at once as their very first apprentices because they saw the huge benefits in having two training in tandum. Continue reading

New SA Apprentices are Available Now

Day 1 of the Pre-Entry Program at TAFE SA Tonsley Park with Caption

With the improvement in housing starts this year bricklayers are now looking to start a new apprentice. ABBTF is working with industry to recruit young people to start an apprenticeship in bricklaying.

Our latest campaign strategy has included text messages to all known bricklayers to identify vacancies; contacting more than 200 schools to find suitable young people; advertising pre-entry training and jobs and community newspapers advertising. In addition, each month around 400 SA students and job seekers visit and 250 SA employers and industry members visit Our page has also been enlisted in promoting SA bricklaying apprenticeships. Continue reading

TAFE SA Raises the Bar on Training Innovation

2nd Year apprentices building a cavity brick construction wall in the new Tonsley TAFE workshop L-R: Owen Stuart, Blaik McGuire, Brad Missell and Luke Taylor

Bricklaying and other trades will benefit from state-of-the-art training facilities recently opened at Tonsley Park.  The system is paperless and trainers and students can check the progress of their teaching and learning online from any location.  The hi-tech facility includes touch screen technology and interactive white boards.

Eric Parletta, Bricklaying Lecturer commented that the centre will ‘change and improve the way bricklayer training is conducted’. Continue reading