NEWS: QLD – February – 2015

Far from Just another Brick in the Wall

Dr Chau Chak Wing BuildingStory courtesy of CSQ On site Magazine February 2015.

Brick art

Bricklaying is a trade that dates back thousands of years, with sun baked bricks being used in building and construction as far back as 6,000 years ago.

These days bricklayers are increasingly being recognised for their specialised skills, and buildings like Frank Gehry’s ‘paper bag building’ at the University of Technology in Sydney are showcasing modern, innovative brickwork. Continue reading

Unique Career Opportunities for Queenslanders

Story 2 Image Toby and Todd wth CaptionBricklaying really does open up doors to unique opportunities.  Bricklaying is well known as one of the two major structural trades and is a great foundation for someone wanting to go on to be a builder.  However, there are more career opportunities that bricklaying can offer.

A great testament to this is Toby Tosh – a bricklayer from Mackay who competed in the National WorldSkills Australia competition in Perth last year.  He has now been chosen to work on the construction of the new Australian Embassy in Bangkok in Thailand, along with Matthew Cheso from South Australia who finished at second place in the National WorldSkills Australia competition. Continue reading

ABBTF Answers Industry’s Call

Story 3 Image 1Over the last six months the construction industry in Queensland has been calling for more bricklayers.  There is a growing amount of work which has placed demand on bricklaying, not seen in recent years.  To assist with this, ABBTF runs pre-trade or pre-employment programs to introduce suitable candidates to fill the many Queensland bricklaying vacancies in the industry.

ABBTF calls on the new Queensland Government to review current funding policies to support more pre-vocational training to better skill candidates to meet the demands of industry.  ABBTF looks forward to working with TAFE’s and RTO’s on this much needed training.
Continue reading

Bricklaying Talent Spotters

bricklaying, cash reward


If you qualified for bricklaying after January 2013 or you are currently an apprentice in training, ABBTF will reward you (conditions apply) for finding new bricklaying apprentices.  You probably know there’s a serious shortage of bricklayers due to the increase in building activity lately, so your help in identifying good bricklaying apprentice candidates is important.

Why you?  You have the benefit of your own first-hand experience of the trade and the training involved.  You are the best person to recognise the potential and qualities that a person has to be a successful bricklayer and to make a rewarding career in the construction industry. Continue reading