NEWS: QLD – 2015

Sophie Ebbage sees Opportunity, not Barriers in Bricklaying

splash1A recent pre-trade course conducted by Brian Munns, Field Rep at ABBTF, was run in conjunction with East Coast Apprenticeships (ECA) on the Sunshine Coast. Five candidates successfully completed the course and were all placed into an apprenticeship with a host employer.

One of the candidates was Sophie Ebbage, the second female bricklaying apprentice in Queensland this year. Sophie prefers physical jobs over sitting at a desk and heard about the pre-trade bricklaying course at her interview on trade apprenticeships with ECA.

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Australian Apprenticeship Support Networks (AASN)

Dept of Education & Training logo Diff SizeABBTF welcomes the new Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN). From 1 July this year, AASN will replace the Australian Apprenticeships Centres (AAC) with the objective of reducing red tape and placing greater focus on improving the completion rates of apprentices and trainees.

The AASN model will provide a one-stop shop system for employers, apprentices and trainees by streamlining processes during the life of the training contract. It is expected to reduce duplication and complexity in the apprenticeship and traineeship system and allow more effective interaction with employers, apprentices, trainees and other stakeholders.

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Bricklaying Competitiveness has a State-of-Origin Twist

Dual Image Story 3 wth CaptionThis is the time of year where it’s all about State vs State, Mate vs Mate, but not so in Bricklaying! Instead QLD and NSW come together to create champions in bricklaying.

Sam Spong is Australia’s current WorldSkills Australia champion in bricklaying, having won the national apprentice title for 2014. He is now a qualified bricklayer in NSW and still devotes regular quality time to training at Wollongong TAFE NSW as he’s preparing for the WorldSkills International bricklaying champion which he competes for in August, in Brazil. His guidance and support in training for the event comes from WorldSkills Australia experts Eric Davis (Compatriot Support Expert) from QLD and Troy Everett (WorldSkills Chief Expert) from NSW.

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Far from Just another Brick in the Wall

Dr Chau Chak Wing BuildingStory courtesy of CSQ On site Magazine February 2015.

Brick art

Bricklaying is a trade that dates back thousands of years, with sun baked bricks being used in building and construction as far back as 6,000 years ago.

These days bricklayers are increasingly being recognised for their specialised skills, and buildings like Frank Gehry’s ‘paper bag building’ at the University of Technology in Sydney are showcasing modern, innovative brickwork. Continue reading