NEWS: QLD – March – 2013

CQ TAFE Start Bricklayer Training in Mackay


ABBTF welcomes the recent announcement from Central Queensland Institute of TAFE that it is providing brick and blocklaying training at the Mackay campus from March this year.

Later in the year, training will be provided at the new TAFE training facility at the Paget campus.

The move by Central Queensland to deliver off site training in Mackay has provided great choice in regards to trade training of apprentices in the region.  In the past some bricklayer training has been provided by Mackay Training Services.  Industry will also benefit from increased apprentice numbers as they will not have to travel so far for training.

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Kickstart Extension is Good for Bricklayers in Queensland

The Federal Government has recently announced that the Kickstart Bonus offer of $3,350 has been extended a further two months to the end of April 2013.

This means bricklayers can still qualify for the $13,350 if they sign up a new apprentice before May.  ABBTF has a number of good candidates keen to get a start in the trade.

The prospect of more work for bricklayers has also improved with the HIA forecasting an increase in housing starts in Queensland over the next three years.  This recovery will mean bricklayers, with the capacity and skill in their team to take on more work, will reap the benefits.

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Work Experience Might Just be the Ticket


Have you ever thought of taking on an apprentice and thought it was just too hard or you wanted a probationary period?

Another way to source potential apprentices is to take on a student from various vocational programs offered by a number of secondary schools and training providers.  Students participate in a Structured Workplace Experience, commonly known as ‘work experience’ as part of their Certificate I in Building and Construction course.

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