NEWS: QLD – March – 2012

Apprenticeships: Path to a Qualification but Appropriate Prior Learning Counts

apprentice-path-to-qualificationMany still regard the apprenticeship as the best route into work, combining technical education with practical experience, while enabling business and industry to acquire skilled labour.

It has added appeal today because it counters growing fears of entrenched youth unemployment as the effects of the industry down turn continue to be felt and the unskilled are left further behind.

However there is another way, Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL as it is commonly known.

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More Than Just Putting One on Two

colourful-brick-wallWhen designing a brick wall we often don’t think of descriptions like;

“A striking look that balances the powerful dark colours of the brick with a rainbow of colourful brick.”

But if these were some of the words used by Peter Mardiste, Commercial & Architectural Manager, CSR Bricks  and Roofing Queensland, when talking about the master plan for the new school building they were supplying product for recently.

“Approx 65,000 bricks were supplied to the large scale project reflecting a movement in Queensland’s architectural approach”, Peter said.

There is certainly a trend in Queensland architecture toward face bricks and in particular a blend of colours and textures that can provide an artistic appeal for new buildings.

To many contractors in Queensland this trend cannot happen quickly enough and while the industry remains quite soft, there is some encouragement that architects in Queensland are looking towards using more and more masonry in the projects they design.

This underlines the value of the need to continue to develop skilled tradespeople for the future, even in the lean times we currently face.

The brick and blocklaying trade can be justly proud of the many outstanding and creative buildings throughout Queensland that will stand for more than a hundred years.

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