NEWS: QLD – July – 2012

Dad Provides a Guiding Hand to Sam Tierney-Williams

sam_tierney_williams_qld_new_2Mike Tierney-Williams, Group Training Organisation (GTO) field officer for Apprenticeships Queensland, recognised that a career in bricklaying would suit his son Samuel.

While Samuel expressed interest early on, he was encouraged to explore the trade through work experience to make sure.

Apprenticeships Qld, (the GTO) as Sam’s legal employer has managed his apprenticeship from the start in late 2009, through to its soon to be completion.  Sam’s host employer, Stevenson Bricklaying has accessed apprentices over a long term with this GTO.

As the legal employer, the GTO assumes the responsibility for all aspects of the employment contract as well as the training needs.

Benefits to a bricklayer of accessing an apprentice through a GTO include the flexibility to employ an apprentice for the duration you need him, because you are not tied to any contract with the apprentice.

All the government paperwork to access ABBTF and government subsidies is completed and submitted by the GTO.

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ABBTF Strong Support for WorldSkills 2012

joshua_yoemansABBTF is again providing extensive support for bricklaying at the WorldSkills National competition in Homebush, Sydney next month.

Queensland has two contenders for the National title this year, Todd Richards representing Central Queensland and Joshua Yoemans representing the Brisbane Region.

ABBTF is a major sponsor of the bricklaying event and is providing judges and support staff over the three days of the competition.  A special ABBTF e-newsletter is being released soon, showcasing all the contenders for this year’s national title.


In Queensland, ABBTF has been the driving force in starting up the regional competition in Rockhampton where competitors were supported and we also played a role in the smooth running of the event.  The Brisbane regional competition was also supported by ABBTF as in past years.

ABBTF see WorldSkills as an excellent opportunity to showcase the skills of young Queensland bricklaying apprentices in a high quality competition. More about WorldSkills

ABBTF will continue to drive more regional WorldSkills events to uncover more outstanding young apprentices who are role models for younger people and strong contributors to the skilled workforce of bricklaying.

$2,000 More Reasons to Sign Up a New Apprentice Bricklayer

ABBTF is offering a special one off $2,000 Brickstart Bonus incentive to employers to sign up new bricklaying apprentices in Queensland

This $2,000 bonus applies to bricklaying apprentices who have been officially signed on (by an Australian Apprenticeship Centre) between 1 January and 31 December 2012.

The cut-off date has been extended from June to enable more employers to benefit from the current bonus.

We believe employers need additional support during this period of low building activity.  An apprentice commencing now will be a very valuable employee in a few years when he/she is trained and productive.

This will be when the market recovers and the building industry will need skilled bricklayers.  The $2,000 Brickstart Bonuswill be paid in two instalments of $1,000.  The first is claimable after six months meaning employers can get this support from ABBTF sooner.

An employer signing on a new apprentice bricklayer during 2012 can now qualify for a total of $10,000.

ABBTF Brickstart Subsidy $4,000
ABBTF Brickstart Bonus $2,000
Federal Government Subsidy $4,000

To register for this incentive call ABBTF on 1300 66 44 96 or 07 3205 5559.