Re-invent Your Career in Bricklaying

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reinvent-your-career1ABBTF is assisting a number of mature age people to re-start their careers as bricklayers, following the “Re-invent Your Career Expo” at Darling Harbour last month.

The expo ran over two days, with over 1,000 jobs offered through 90 stands, and was attended by more than 5,200 people ranging from mid-20’s to early 40’s.

The level of interest at the careers expo was more than expected with many applicants keen to pursue bricklaying as a career change.


ABBTF has provided advice and with the benefit of resumes, arranged trials with bricklayers, which we expect will lead to a number of sign-ups as apprentice bricklayers.

Employers are also aware of the benefits of mature apprentices who have a good work ethic, learn quickly and fit well into the bricklaying team environment.

ABBTF offer a $1,000 mature age incentive to employers in addition to the $5,000 Brickstart subsidy and bonus, additional incentives are also available from the Federal Government.