NEWS: NSW – 2016

The Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation’s archive for all newsletters posted in regard to New South Wales (NSW) in 2016.

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Strong Surge in NSW Bricklaying Apprentices

bricklaying apprenticeship

48% Increase in New Bricklaying Apprentice Numbers

New Apprentice numbers in New South Wales have increased by 48% over the past 12 months. Apprentice commencements for the year to December 2015 were 327 compared with 221 for the year to December 2014.  The 48% increase in bricklaying apprenticeship starts is well ahead of the 15.7% increase for all construction trades and 20.7% increase for carpentry apprentices.

These are the latest figures from the NSW Industry Training Advisory Body, Construction and Select Property Services ITAB.

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New, more agile Group Training Organisation enters NSW and ACT markets

apprenticeship trainingBTA Group Training

BTA Group Training is a new Group Training Organisation (GTO) in NSW and ACT focusing on coordinating and supporting more effective apprenticeship training for host bricklayers.  It is managed by Bricklayer Training Australia (BTA) trading as BTA Group Training.

BTA Group Training is a not-for-profit Group Training Organisation (GTO) which has the backing of the brick, block and, in addition, the roof tile manufacturers of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.



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Demand Builds for NSW Bricklaying ‘Work Ready’ Program

Try Bricklaying

ABBTF Word Ready Programs: Try Bricklaying

The demand for the ABBTF Work Ready Program (WRP) is steadily increasing with significant promotion by ABBTF over summer and in the return to work/school period. We are currently booking 12-16 youths, mature age students and some overseas applicants to attend each course.  At present ABBTF NSW is taking booking for our next class in April, or phone on 02 9540 1666.

The current strong interest in the WRP suggests that it should be run weekly to meet demand. The rate of enquiry is being monitored closely and if necessary it may require the appointment of a further Trainer.  The latest group of applicants have been very diverse, coming from our advertising, Facebook and at schools from Years 10-12.  ABBTF NSW is achieving a very satisfactory conversion rate of between 50%-60% of applicants who undertake the WRP going on to enter an apprenticeship.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing

drug and alcohol testing on job sites

Testing to Take Place on Commonwealth Funded Sites

Fair Work Building and Construction has released information in regard to Drug and Alcohol testing on site.  Currently these new regulations are restricted to Commonwealth funded sites which bricklayers will potentially work on this year.  The unions expect it will become policy on all construction sites within two years.  There is a zero tolerance level with consequences listed below.

ABBTF expect all employers to value every employees contribution and if you need assistance to remain part of the team by complying with these standards please advise FWBC before it is an issue and let them help you address the situation.  Drug and alcohol counselling is available as well as further services for those who require.
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