NEWS: NSW – 2014

The Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation’s archive for all newsletters posted in regard to New South Wales (NSW) in 2014.

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Choosing Your Trade Based on Enjoyment of Work – Using Harrison Assessment Tool

Would you invest in a business which had a 50% chance of failing? Would you go into a marriage that had only a 50% chance of happiness? You might bet on the game of Two Up on Anzac Day which has exactly that rate of return but maybe that’s why we only do it one day out of 365?

Apprenticeships these days have a 45% non-completion rate, but so do university courses. So what’s the reason we all have such a high drop-out rate? With all the career advice tools available, are schools still sending students into the workforce with little idea of what they really WANT to do for a job or how to go about getting it? Check out our Top Ten Reasons Video. Continue reading

Brad Morrin, NRL Star Engages in Mentoring Partnership

Brad Morrin Addressing students NSW V2Recently ABBTF NSW ran an intense three day program at McCarthy College at Emu Plains and put 14 starters through a basic bricklaying course with a Harrisons Assessment psychometric component at the end. Just after lunch on the second day Brad Morrin former Canterbury-Bankstown NRL player showed up as a surprise bonus of the course.

When Brad sat the boys down you could have heard a pin drop! These boys who were rarely without words listened intently as Brad spoke of his experience in his original trade of Sheet Metal worker and what completing his trade had meant. Continue reading

A Call for Bricklayers to Act Now on Skills Shortage


A message from Laurie Cosentino, Housing Manager of Wisdom Homes

“I’ve been fortunate to see our industry move from tough times to the recently reported market recovery that the building sector has long been awaiting.  As we move towards these market improvements our industry will almost certainly experience a shortage of qualified skilled workers.

You only need to speak with some of my industry peers to hear the same sentiment, “How are we going to meet the industry’s need for qualified skilled workers?” The issue is real, and the outcome of not addressing the problem will be detrimental to the industry and future potential home owners.

Continue reading