NEWS: NSW – February – 2013

Kickstart Funding Helps ‘Seal the Deal’ When the Apprentice is Right!


David Gill, ABBTF’s NSW Manager knows only too well that financial incentives are not the first consideration for a bricklayer considering taking on an apprentice.

However, the current Kickstart Incentive payment from the Federal Government is demonstrating that if the Apprentice applicant looks right for the role at the time, plus he is a good fit with the employer and team, Kickstart and other incentives helps get the decision over the line.

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Botany Brickies Take on the Yanks for World’s Best Bricklayer


Mark Roese, Cathy Bellenger and Ron Elliott at Bondi Beach. They will be going to the World Bricklaying Championships at Las Vegas. Picture: Anthony Reginato Source: The Sunday Telegraph.

The Country Group from Botany, is sending Ron Elliott as brickie and Mark Roese (as labourer) plus Cathy Bellenger (Women’s Amateur Division) to compete in the Spec500 World’s Best Bricklayer in Las Vegas USA. The event took place Feb 7th and while the guys were unfortunately not placed in the finals, Cathy WON the Amateur’s Division!!  Well done Cathy – women tradies will be pleased!   (More about that in a blog at the website as soon as we get to talk with her.)

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ABBTF was a major sponsor of the team and congratulates the team and The Country Group for their enthusiasm and great attitude towards competition.

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More Work for NSW Bricklayers

581508-brickies-1Bricklayers in NSW will benefit from the lift in the construction of houses in 2013.

HIA reported that sales of new detached houses increased by 15.8% in November 2012 and dwelling starts in 2013 are forecast to reach 34,300 compared with 29,640 in 2012, a 15.7% increase.

This is good news for the bricklayers who will be looking to take on a new bricklaying apprentice this year.  Employers can also receive ABBTF subsidies of $5,000 as well as Federal Government incentives of $4,000.  The Kickstart Subsidy of $3,350 is also available for new sign-ups by the end of this month.

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