NEWS: NSW – August – 2012

Brickstart Extension to December 31st 2012

brickstart_nsw_augustIn an effort to increase bricklaying apprenticeship commencements in 2012, ABBTF has extended the $1,000 Brickstart Bonus to the end of this calendar year.

Collectively there is $9,000 worth of incentives now available for employers of bricklaying apprentices in NSW!

A reduction in the charge-out rates for the hosts of bricklaying apprentices is also available through supporting group schemes.

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Hunter TAFE and Newcastle University Blocklaying Program

Newcastle TAFE Bricklaying has conducted an introductory blocklaying program for Construction Management and Architecture students from the University of Newcastle over the past two years.

The block laying exercise was included as an optional taught component of a first year course entitled ‘Construction Ecology 1’.  Those who took part in the exercise were generally students who had recently completed their high school education.

For the vast majority of students, this was their first experience of what a construction trade entailed.

Hunter_TAFE_and_Newcastle_University_Blocklaying_Program_1_200pxThis program was initiated by Boral Masonry, Sustainable Homes and the Concrete Masonry Association Australia.

The brief given to TAFE needed the program to cover basic hand skills and the recommended Australian Standards for mortar mix that would allow these students to gain a first-hand insight into the concrete masonry industry.

In 2011 the program was delivered to a single group of fifteen students accompanied by Associate Professor William Sher from the School of Architecture and Built environment from The University of Newcastle.  Due to positive feedback from participating students and the support of William for this program, an increase in student interest was shown in 2012.

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ABBTF Active in Signing Up Apprentices

photo_ABBTF_Active_in_Signing_Up_Apprentices_captionedABBTF has been successful in assisting in the signing up of twelve new bricklaying apprentices in the past month.

A number of bricklayers in NSW are looking for good candidates to start an apprenticeship, to add value to their business, and are working with ABBTF on the search.

With valuable industry knowledge and experience, David Gill – ABBTF NSW Manager, has been able to recruit a number of new apprentices.

To find potential apprentices David works with schools where we have run the ABBTF Step Out Program.

ABBTF also has valuable connections with work placement and employment agencies.  A screening process including interviews and resume assessments is important in determining the suitability of a young person to a bricklaying apprenticeship.

A successful sign up has additional benefits for the bricklayer who can qualify for the ABBTF $4,000 Brickstart subsidy, $1,000 Brickstart bonus and the $4,000 Federal Government subsidy. A great outcome all round.