Winning Bricklayers in 2016 National WorldSkills Australia Competition

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WorldSkills Australia

Outstanding Skills and Craft displayed at Peak Bricklaying Competition

Bricklaying’s Trystan Sammut has just been announced Australia’s new National Champion for 2016. Finalist from the Ballarat & Wimmera Region, Trystan has been awarded the Gold Medal in Bricklaying, following this weekend’s WorldSkills Australia National Competition in Melbourne. Top apprentices from 50 skills categories assembled and contested for the championship and for many, including Bricklaying, it provides the chance to represent their trade on the international arena. Click to event introduction video from WorldSkills Australia.

Our 12 Regional bricklaying winners courageously contested the championship and we are proud of each and every one for their preparedness to take part and give it their best. As Regional winners they may be still completing their apprenticeship, or may have recently done so. The Gold Winner, Trystan Sammut produced a clear winning 75.60 judging points, followed by Perth North regional winner Conrad Yeeles who took the Silver Medal with 71.02 points and in very close third place with 70.82 points, was Jae Edwards from Adelaide, earning the Bronze Medal. Jae has honed his experience working on the Australian Embassy build in Bangkok in recent times to great effect. A close runner-up for Bronze was Damien Tibbles, representing Macquarie, with 69.75 points.

Gun Trowel Speed CompetitionAged 19 years, Trystan Sammut, who has taken home the Gold was apprenticed to Brendan Williams, qualifying in May 2015. He has a winner’s edge – he strives to succeed in his work, to give it his best at all times: “I see bricklaying as a sense of personal achievement at its finest” is how he describes his trade and he viewed his apprenticeship as that of a craftsman in training. Trystan is from Ballarat and trained at Federation University with strong support from the bricklaying training team of Peter Eltringham (“Charlie”) and Darren Weightman. He also won the MBA Vics 2016 Presidents award earlier this year.

Both Brendan and Trystan joined Newmac Bricklaying 15 months ago. Newmac released the following statement on the WorldSkills Australia win: “Brendan is a key figure in our business, and it’s a huge achievement by him in teaching Trystan his trade. Trystan, it’s an unbelievable effort to win this event. The way you have adapted to working with a big crew and larger projects and also putting your hand up to be a leading hand on a commercial site, shows that you are willing to learn different ways of doing things, which you have been taught through your apprenticeship. You have the determination and dedication to succeed in whatever you want. It’s an absolute credit to you, to Brendan and to your family.”

WorldSkills Australia Bricklaying TeamIf Trystan is selected to be on the Australian Skillaroo team for WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 he will also be the recipient of the ABBTF World Class Bricklaying Scholarship . The ABBTF funded scholarship was developed to prepare our candidate for international competition across key areas and ensure Australian Bricklaying stays in the upper echelon of the competition.

Earlier this year at the Master Builders Victoria 2016 State Apprentice of the Year Awards, Trystan was announced as the winner of the Ballarat Section Winner & recipient of the MBA Chairman’s Award. When interviewed after that Award Trystan said that bricklaying was extremely rewarding when you realise the completed work could be standing 100 or more years later, despite the physically demanding skills required for the job.

ABBTF State Manager said “the Victorian ABBTF team is over the moon with the announcement” and she offered her congratulations to Trystan for his excellent performance and to Brendan Williams (his apprenticeship employer) for his training and mentor of Trystan. “It is a while since a Victorian region has won WorldSkills Australia’s national title and it will assist us in helping to profile the opportunities that bricklaying presents, its skills and the high calibre of candidate that the trade seeks.”

Trystan grew up in Ballarat, attended St Patrick’s College and played football locally. In preparing for the National WorldSkills Australia competition he undertook extra training and ‘polished up’ on specific areas of his skills. At the time he said “As much as we are all in it to win it, walking away producing my best work in the time allocated is what I really want to achieve, along with enjoying the experience.”  That’s a great attitude Trystan – one that will serve you well throughout your life! Congratulations from the team at ABBTF – there is no doubt the win will open doors for you as it can for all who took part in the Nationals in Melbourne last weekend.


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