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Trade Careers Denied by Unrealistically Low University Entrance Standards

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ABBTF is tackling the skill shortage in bricklaying and has a staggering 200 unfilled vacancies for apprentices. The pool of potential apprentices has been greatly reduced by Universities that drop their standards to boost degree enrolment numbers and revenue. This short-sighted strategy to boost numbers coincides with a major building boom and a record number of over 200,000 dwelling starts. The shortage of bricklayers and other trades is slowing construction in markets right down the eastern seaboard.

The recent news that Universities are offering places to students with significantly lower ATAR scores than are standard entry level, across a wide range of courses, is a major concern for the construction industry and specifically the bricklaying trade, where acute skill shortages are being experienced.

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Tasmanian Master Bricklayers Endorse ABBTF Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship Programs

ABBTF Apprenticeship Programs get Tasmanian Master Bricklayer’s Seal of Approval

The Tasmanian Master Bricklayers Association (TMBA) has endorsed ABBTF’s ongoing strategies to increase apprentice numbers and address the future skill shortage in the trade.

“If the scheme had not been implemented in Tasmania there would be far fewer apprentices and the industry would be experiencing an acute shortage of bricklayers, increasing the cost of construction in the State” said Paul McKay TMBA Vice President and bricklaying teacher at TasTAFE.

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ABBTF Bricklayers Notice

Rick Turner wth CaptionI need to correct a report on bricklayer earnings that was recently published in the Sydney Daily Telegraph and then syndicated across other press outlets in other States.

ABBTF can confirm that bricklayers do not earn $6,000 over four days, as was reported, for the reason that a bricklayer cannot physically lay 1,500 a day!

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