The Key Steps – Apprentice Bricklayer Application Process

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Once you have found a potential apprentice bricklayer follow these 5 key steps to completing the process:

  1. Check out your candidate to be sure they are suitable.  The better suited candidates are are keen to learn, physically up to it, have a practical approach to work and have the right attitude. Playing sport can show good co-ordination and an ability to work in a team. ABBTF can provide information for the new apprentice and the employer in on What to Expect and What is Expected of You (for more information contact ABBTF directly). Some employers put an apprentice on a trial for a day or two to see how they go before signing them up.
  2. To sign up your apprentice, contact an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider where you will be taken through the contract of employment and training.  The AASN will also advise on the Government incentives available to employers and apprentices.
  3. You will need to nominate a TAFE or Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in discussion with your apprentice.
  4. You will meet with the TAFE or RTO contact after enrolment in training to discuss and agree on the training plan.  This includes timing of training, choice of electives, how training is delivered and how assessments are done, together with the employer’s important role in training the apprentice.
  5. You need to Call ABBTF immediately after the sign-up at the AASN.  ABBTF will register you for apprentice employment subsidies payable over the next three years.