Reap the benefits of employing a 21-24 year bricklaying apprentice

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Support to Employ Adult Apprentice Bricklayers

Support to Employ Adult Apprentice Bricklayers

ABBTF provides an incentive to support bricklayer employers signing on an apprentice bricklayer aged between 21 and 24 years.  The support provides $2,000 to be paid to the employer on the completion of the first year.  This payment is in addition to the ABBTF employment subsidies of Brickstart ($3,000) and Female Apprentices ($2,000), the Federal Government’s support ($4,000) and support from Construction Industry Training Funds in some States.

The incentive program titled,’ Support for Adult Apprentice Bricklayers’ (SAAB) will apply for apprenticeships that started from January 1, 2014 and will be backdated to be available for any who started from this date.  Employers currently registered for the ABBTF Brickstart Subsidy will automatically qualify. Apprentices must be 21 or under 25 years at the date of commencement of the apprenticeship.  There are many benefits to employers, as shown below.

Overcomes the Older Age Disincentive

This new incentive addresses the following disincentives on employing 21 to 24 year olds:

  • The Federal Government’s mature age support only applies to new apprentices from the age of 25.
  • Adult apprentice pay rates apply from age 21. Compare Apprentice Pay and Conditions

Adult Apprentices Make Good Business Sense

The offer from ABBTF to employers addresses the bricklaying skills shortage and makes good business sense by:

  • Encouraging employment of more mature individuals, with a better work ethic, higher productivity and a greater likelihood to become long term, qualified employees,
  • Providing employment opportunities for adults of this age range, who make a career change or are now ready to start an apprenticeship, and
  • Addressing the high current demand for new bricklaying apprentices, due to increased construction activity.

Employers considering employing an Apprentice Bricklayer are strongly encouraged to review topics on this website including Onsite Training, Mentoring Your Apprentice, Managing Expectations and ABBTF- Your Resource.


Conditions relating to SAAB include:

  • Not currently available in Victoria and Western Australia.
  • Pro-rata payment applies to the current employer if the apprentice is a re-commencement after 1stJanuary 2014.
  • Standard Terms and Conditions of registration for ABBTF Brickstart subsidy apply.
  • The incentive is available to Group Training Organisations, which may pass on the benefit to host employers.

Next Steps

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