Mentoring the Apprentice Onsite

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Taking an apprentice under your wing means a level of responsibility to them and to yourself.

As well as a responsibility for Onsite Training, as an employer of an apprentice it makes good business sense to give your full support to the individual’s needs.

The apprentice is there to develop himself – so get him involved in hands on learning from the start.

Give credit and praise for his contribution – after all, you won’t just be an employer – you’ll be a mentor too.

The more dedication and encouragement you provide as a role model and a leader to your apprentice, the more likely they will become a better bricklayer; and be committed to you as an employer for the long run.

Continuous encouragement goes a long way to ensuring the full completion of the apprenticeship.

Remember the better the relationship and the more you skill-up an apprentice the less time they need to spend at trade school;  which means, the more time they can spend onsite being productive for you!